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May 2008  Art Business News Article
Adrian Prisecaru, Romanian born and successfull artist in Romania who has sold to collectors throughout Europe, paint truly in the European tradition  centrating on what he loves in art-color.He learned composition and drawing well in the very fine art schools of Romania but the color is what develops from his own intuition, a gift of his nature. Each of his 12 abstractions at Lawrence Gallery,423 East 81 street, during the holiday season of December 22 to January 2, is bathed in a harmony of color.
Prisecaru's coloris both splendid and enchanting as these paintings stand out in a solid construction. The large compositions are notable for their dynamism of a brighter and more contrasted palette. However the little touches make each of them unique, true Prisecaru's, as the small oranges and pale pinks of his red buildingscape.
He has found the capability for a powerful intensity of emotion in his medium sized landscapes and proceeded also to a beautiful delicacy of color with other elements-washes of transparent color and touches of strong color, effect of the edge, composition....Prisecaru goes on plumbing the possibility of his natural talent. 
      --  E.C. Lipton  ARTspeak,New York,December16,1987
In a manner somewhere between Ortoll's airy economy and Stahl's brooding fantasy, Prisecaru paints landscape subjects that combine strongly organized compositions with remarkable gestural deftness. Arranging houses and trees in broad , bold clusters on shifting cubist planes, Prisecaru evokes nature in a terse visual shorthand. Prisecaru also shows a smaller selection of oils, similar to the gouaches in style, but with thickly impastoed surface. His vivid pastel colors are reminiscent of Nicholas deStael.
This excellent exhibiton of watercolors and oils transparent and opaque, demonstrates the versatility of the medium, while showcasing the unique visionary talent.
  -- Sean Simon ARTspeak,New York, November 16,1988
Contemporary artist Adrian Prisecaru was born in 1945 in Bucharest, Romania but he has lived and worked in the US since 1980. Prisecaru has been exhibiting widely in Europe since 1972. In the late 70's his work was featured in the Biennial Art Show in his native Bucharest and in 1982 , he has included in his first US group exhibition at the Morrin Miller Gallery in New York City where he was also given a solo exhibition in 1988, following a solo debut a year earlier at Lawrence Gallery. To date Prisecaru has shown in France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Hungary and Finland, where he will soon be presented in a solo exhibiton in May 2001. Although he is very much his own man, Prisecaru can be said to be a stylistic heir of Nicholas deStael.Their kinship is apparent in Prisecaru's vibrant color and his manner of manipulating thick, juicy oily impastos to create compositions that move fluently between the abstract and the representational. He is a consummate colorist. Such chromatic subtleties as Prisecaru employs had their origins in the School of Paris, but have been refined by him to suit his own purposes, as seen in some of his more mountainous landscapes, where the various areas of land and sky are evoked in brilliant areas of color that depart quite radically from any natural interpretation. Adrian Prisecaru endeavors to make color a powerful expression force, and he succeeds splendidly in that goal.

                    -- Andre Bove  Gallery & Studio March/April 2001
In a ceremony held on March 6,2005, the closing morning of ArtExpo NY, Eric Smith, Vice President of the International Art & Framing Group (IAFG) and publisher of Art Business News awarded the SOLO Prize to Adrian Prisecaru in recognition of his outstanding artistic talent. The prize is given to one promising independent artist found among the 150 exhibitors showcasing their art in the SOLO Independent Artists Pavilion.

-- Lyndsey Walker (ABN Assistant Editor)  Art Business News May 2005

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This was definately Adrian Prisecaru's year: Out of 150 artists showcased in the SOLO ????Independent Artists Pavilion at ArtExpo NY, the Romanian - born artist, who has exhibited widely in the U.S. and Europe, was awarded the prestigious 2005 SOLO Prize. This hardly seems surprising to one familiar with Prisecaru's brilliantly colorful, thickly impastoed oils. Prisecaru has been favorably compared to both Nicholas de Stael and Giorgio Morandi, and certaintly his work is firmly in that tradition with its combination of chromatic and tactile attributes. Indeed, although he has lived in New York for more than twenty-five years, Prisecaru remains a quintessentially European painter.?Which is to say, like that of many of his modernist predecessors in the School of Paris, his work is unapologetically sumptuous and sensual. For all his years of residency here, it would appear that none of the funk or grime of the 21st century urban miasma rubbed off to sully what can only be called Prisecaru's adamant aesthetic purity. Adrian Prisecaru lays down smooth, edible looking oil pigments with an intrepidness and panache few other living painters can match.

-- Ed McCormack Gallery & Studio  June 2005